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Partulab "Dielectric" papers solicitation requirements (need to meet the following requirements at the same time):

1. Users who purchase Partulab Partulab dielectric equipment;
2. The paper mentions PartulabPartulab and the dielectric equipment used;
3. The paper is published in SCI journals;
4. Each paper can only apply for one award;
5. Provide formal labor invoices of equal amount;

Partulab's latest award system for excellent papers:

1. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will be awarded 1,000 yuan per piece for thesis in Division 1;
2. The Chinese Academy of Sciences will be awarded 500 yuan per paper for the second district.

(Note: In 2020, only papers on dielectric products will be solicited, and other products will not be solicited temporarily)

Haven't your excellent papers been collected yet? Contact Partulab to apply for an excellent paper bonus! The activities are long-term effective.